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About HornetBucks

HornetBucks is a declining balance account linked to your HornetCard. HornetBucks are simple to set-up, convenient to use, and can save you time on campus. HornetBucks can be used in any of the dining locations, bookstore, printing, and vending.

You can add HornetBucks by visiting or the Automatic Deposit Machine (ADM) on campus, located in the Lawrence V. Johnson Library and the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center. The ADM machine accepts cash only and does not dispense change.

Parents, with your college student living away from home, we know you would like to make sure all your student’s expenses are met while at SPSU. The HornetCard provides an easy and secure way to deposit funds for your student. Once your student has used the online “My Account” feature on the HornetCard website, you can sign in as a guest. Afterwards, you complete the required information to make a deposit to your student's account.

Log into your HornetCard Account

A $1.00 convenience fee will be added to all HornetBuck deposits.