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Honors Peer Mentoring

Course Information

HNRS 3102:  Honors Peer Mentoring

0 or 2 credits (can be taken for academic or for service credit.)

Prerequisite:  Students should be in their third or fourth year of study when possible.

This class is intended to help students develop mentoring and leadership skills within their major field, a field of interest or within a service program (Student Affairs, Housing, the ATTIC, and so on) at SPSU.  Students can work with a professor, a department chair, a program director, or an administrator in Academic Affairs or in Student Services in roles that ask them to assist a student or a group of students. The class teaches students interpersonal skills as well as a variety of teaching methods and study skill methods.  All skills taught will be used to assist students.

Students and faculty members interested in this class should ensure the following contract is printed, enlarged upon if necessary, and signed.  

Peer Mentoring Contract