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SPSU Student Services

Honor Students have a variety of resources available throughout campus. Below is a list of these services, along with links and phone numbers (where available) to contact them.

Study Room

There are two Honors Study Rooms:  One is located in D100, next to the Honors Office.  The second is in Building 2000 of the Courtyard Apartments, Room 2204.  Materials concerning workshop opportunities, organizations, and so on will be posted on bulletin boards.

Student Services Directory

The ATTIC provides many important student services such as Disability Services, Services for international students, and tutoring in math and English.
Location: The Student Center (Building A), room 160.
Phone: 678-915-7361
Web Address: /attic/index.htm

The Bookstore provides opportunities for purchasing textbooks, software, supplies, and study aids.
Location: The first floor of the Student Center (Building A)
Phone: 678-915-7355
Web Address: http://bookstore.spsu.edu/

The Career and Counseling Center is an extremely important resource for students. It provides students with academic, personal, and career counseling; on-campus interviews; information concerning part-time jobs; information concerning co-op and internships; and information concerning how to create resumes, how to interview well, and so on. Their seminars on time management skills and study skills are quite helpful.
Location: Student Center (Building A), Suite A243
Phone: 678-915-7391
Counseling Web Address: /counselingservices/index.htm

Career Web Address:  /careerservices/index.htm

The Financial Aid Office provides information concerning financial aid, student loans, grants, work study, and scholarships. Do note that each year you attend SPSU you will want to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 15 if you are interested in obtaining financial aid. The Financial Aid office also provides important information on HOPE renewal.
Location: Nortan Hall (Building V)
Phone: 678-915-7290
Web Address: /financialaid/index.htm

The Health Services Center provides students with access to the school nurse,  If students are seriously ill, Wellstar provides assistance: 770-955-8620. Call the University Police in case of an emergency: 678-915-5555.
Location: Recreation and Wellness Center(Building NC)
Phone: 678-915-7366
Web Address: /recwellness/student_health/index.htm

University Information Technology Services provides students with information concerning e-mail accounts, network connections, and lab information.  provides up-to-date hardware, software, and peripherals. The lab is accessible to all students and faculty.  Students can find important information concerning the "tools" they can use at /uits/

The Library provides excellent services as well as excellent resources. Students will want to review the services offered on the Library's web page. The Research Services and Subject Sources are some of the most important services offered by the library. 
Phone: 678-915-7276
Web Address: /library/index.htm

The Student Life Office oversees all student organizations and activities.   
Location: The Student Center (Building A), Room 237
Phone: 678-915-7374
Web Address: /studentlife/orgresources.htm

The University Police provides many services to students. They ensure campus safety and security, enforce regulations and policies, and provide guidance and assistance to the campus. Parking Permits and Students IDs can be obtained through the University Police.
Location: Norton Hall (Building V)
Phone: 678-915-7348
Web Address: /hr/jobdescriptions/businessfinance/univpolice.htm