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Advising for Spring 2014

So that you have the best chance of registering for the courses you need, please carefully follow these steps: 

Step One.  Set up appointments with (A) your school or major (departmental) advisor and (B) your Honors advisor. 

For (A), find the name and contact information for your major advisor or school advisor and contact one or the other for an appointment.  If you are a first- or second-year student, you may want to contact your school advisor, and if you are a junior or senior, your major or departmental advisor.

  • Major Advisors--In Banner, major advisor information shows up before or after the listing of classes.  In DegreeWorks, major advisor information is in the first column.
  • School Advisors--Here is the contact information for all five SPSU school advisors:
    • Architecture & Construction Management, Ms. Mary Neely, mneely@spsu.edu, 678-915-4281, I-32
    • Arts & Science (& Undeclared Majors),Ms. Martina McWilliams, mmcwilli@spsu.edu, 678-915-3727, J-329
    • Computing & Software Engineering,Ms. Beth Haynie, bhaynie@spsu.edu, 678-915-3572, J-375
    • Engineering, Ms. Jessica Williamson, jwilli43@spsu.edu, 678-915-3028, Q-317
    • Engineering Technology & Management, Ms. Vanessa Bard, vbard2@spsu.edu, 678-915-7231, Q-330.

For (B), please follow this procedure: 

  • Check Dr. Omidvar's or Ms. Parker's available hours during the advising period (October 14-25) here.
  • Select two available 15-minute slots for either Dr. Omidvar or Ms. Parker.
  • Email the advisor you want to see (iomidvar@spsu.edu or aparker@spsu.edu). Please also make sure that you copy (cc) honors@spsu.edu. 
  • Mark your calendar once you receive a confirmation.

Step Two. Prepare for your appointments:

  • Download and print the Honors Advising Form for Spring 2014 (pdfversion).
  • Review available course offerings in the Schedule of Classes, which shows course sections as they appear in Banner.   To find courses, make sure you select "Spring 2014" and appropriate course category (Honors, Biology, etc.).  For Honors courses, you can also visit Spring '14 Course Offerings, which shows the latest courses Honors offers as soon as a decision is made. 
    • Note that if you check courses in Banner, you will not find Honors courses as a separate category.
  • Fill out the Honors Advising Form for Spring 2014.

Step Three. Take your filled out Honors Advising Form for Spring 2014 to your appointment with your school or major advisor. 

  • Ask your advisor to review your courses and to sign off on the form.

Step Four.  Bring your completed form to your appointment with your Honors advisor.  We will provide advising on Honors requirements and register you for classes.