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Honors Advising Instructions

Honors Advising Instructions for Fall (and Summer) 2014

Please read the following adjusted procedures very carefully.

Overview: Before you come to your Honors advising session, you will need to have

  1. Planned your fall schedule including any Honors courses,
  2. Met with your school or major advisor and received his or her approval of your fall (and summe) schedules,
  3. Registered for all your approved non-Honors courses,
  4. Filled out the online Honors Advising Form, and
  5. Set up an appointment with your Honors advisors to register for Honors courses. 

Advising for Summer:  Honors offers only occasional directed studies in the summer, so most students do not need to stop by the Honors office to be registered for summer Honors courses. However, if you are planning on taking regular courses in the summer, we would like to advise you for your summer and fall courses during the same Honors advising session you will set up with us for your fall schedule.

Step 1 – Work Out Your Fall (and Summer) Schedules

Use these two worksheets to plan your fall 2014 course schedule:


To use these worksheets, you will need three sets of information:

  1. Course requirements for the major, which can be found on the department site, or picked up from the department.
  2. Honors course requirements. You can find an outline here. More details can be found on the Honors Student Handbook.
  3. Course sections the university will offer in the fall, listed on Schedule of Classes. To see all the sections for a course, you will need to select the fall semester (or summer session) and view all classes or narrow this list by course prefixes (e.g., ENGL, MET, etc.). Schedule of Classes can also list the Honors courses. However, the latest list of approved Honors core courses is at Fall 2014 Honors Course Offerings. (There are no regular Honors courses being offered in the summer.)  At the time of writing, the Schedule of Classes does not include two approved Honors courses, but it will shortly.

Step 2 – Receive Approval of Your Schedule from School or Major Advisor

Before you come to your Honors advising session, you should have received approval of your fall (and summer) schedule from your school or major advisor. We encourage you to meet personally with your advisor.  With some advisors you can just walk in. Others have appointment guidelines. Please check with them. Occasionally the advising can be done over the phone or by email. Again, meeting in person is the best and, if you are prepared, the most efficient way.   

This semester, Honors does not require you to have a physical Advising Form signed by your advisor though you may find it helpful to fill out and take Schedule for Advisor Approval to your advising session.  Please ask your advisor to add a note to your DegreeWorks about what was decided at the advising session. We will contact the advisor with any questions.

Honors will require you to submit your list of courses on the Online Honors Advising form (see Step 4 below).  

School or Major Advisor:  School (or professional) advisors usually work with 1st- and 2nd-year students and 3rd-year-and-above students, with major advisors (a professor in the department).  However, departments and schools can have different advising procedures. For example, some departments require 1st- and 2nd-year students to work with major advisors. Much less frequently, you may have to sort out your schedule with the department chair. Regardless of these procedural differences, school advisors are an excellent starting point on how to proceed. 

Contact Information for School Advisors:

  • Architecture & Construction Management: Ms. Mary Neely, mneely@spsu.edu, 678-915-4281, I-32
  • Arts & Science (& Undeclared Majors): Ms. Martina McWilliams, mmcwilli@spsu.edu, 678-915-3727, J-329
  • Computing & Software Engineering:  Ms. Beth Haynie, bhaynie@spsu.edu, 678-915-3572, J-375
  • Engineering:  Ms. Jessica Williamson, jwilli43@spsu.edu, 678-915-3028, Q-317
  • Engineering Technology & Management: Ms. Vanessa Bard, vbard2@spsu.edu, 678-915-7231, Q-330.


Contact Information for Major Advisors:  You can find your major advisor's name and email on DegreeWorks, which you can access through Banner Web.  Additional contact information can be found on the Campus Directory.

General Purpose of the School/Major Advisor Meeting: Your goal is to ensure that you are taking appropriate coursework for your major field so that you can graduate on time and, especially for 1st- and 2nd-year students, so that you are making appropriate progress within the core curriculum.

Honors-related Purpose of the School/Major Advisor Meeting: If an Honors course you are planning on taking is going to have negative ramifications for your progress towards graduation in your major, the advisor should bring it to your attention.


Step 3 – Register for Non-Honors Courses

Because of this semester’s major calendar shift for Phase 1 registration, it is imperative that Honors students do not wait for Honors staff to register them in non-Honors courses. To expedite registrations, you should register for non-Honors courses as soon as you have your school or major advisor approval. Honors students can register starting on the first day of Phase 1: Monday, March 10.

To Register for Non-Honors Courses (instructions based on How to Register):

  1. Log in to Banner Web.
  2. Select Student menu, then Registration menu, then Add/Drop menu
  3. Select and submit the correct term, e.g., Summer 2014 or Fall 2014
  4. Add classes by typing in the CRN (course reference number) found in the Schedule of Classes (in SPSU lore also called the Dynamic Bulletin).
  5. Press Submit near the bottom of the page when finished adding classes.
    • To Drop a Course, press the tab under the action column corresponding with the class you want to drop. Change your schedule by selecting the appropriate action. Submit your change by pressing submit near the bottom of the page.
    • Note: You can search for classes using several variables by pressing the Class Search button near the bottom of the screen.
  6. Exit when finished.

Registrar’s Note: “If you get an error message, or cannot register, see your academic department office for help. You can check the status of holds and several other administrative functions in the web site. Experiment with the various links. It is in your best interest to become very familiar with what is available.”

See also the Registrar’s “Problems You May Encounter” at the bottom of How to Register page.

Honors Help with Using Banner Web: Honors student assistants, David and Teya, will be available in D-103 during their office hours to help with navigating through Banner Web. Here are their hours:

David (dash@spsu.edu)

  • Monday 9 AM – noon
  • Wednesday 10 AM – noon
  • Thursday 4 – 5 PM
  • Friday 10 AM – 1 PM

Teya (thenry@spsu.edu)

  • Tuesday 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Wednesday 10 AM – noon
  • Friday 10 AM – 1 PM

Honors will also seek volunteers for help with Banner Web. Announcements here and on the listserv on the available hours will be forthcoming.


Step 4 – Fill Out the Online Honors Advising Form


After meeting with the school or major advisor and registering for your non-Honors courses, please carefully fill out the online Fall (and Summer) 2014 Honors Advising Form, which is designed to help you review where you are in terms of completing the Honors requirements for graduation.

Step 5 – Set up an Appointment with an Honors Advisor

As soon as you have filled out the online form,

  1. Review the available hours of Dr. Omidvar and Professor Parker on Honors Advising Times,
  2. Select three (3) open time slots that work for you, and
  3. Email those hours to honors@spsu.edu.

Honors will acknowledge your email and let you know the meeting time.