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Advising for Fall 2013

 You will need to take the following steps for honors advising for the fall.  We will want to see each of you taking who are planning on taking fall classes so make sure you schedule an appointment.

 1.    Set an appointment with your advisor in your major field.  To find information concerning your advisor open your Banner account.  Advisor information should show up before or after the listing of classes.   You can also use Degree Works.  Advisor information is found in the first column.

2.    If You Can’t Reach Your Advisor, see your school’s advisor:

  • School of Architecture and Construction Management:  Mary Neely, mneely@spsu.edu, 678-915-4281, I-32
  • School of Engineering Technology and Management Students:  Vanessa Bard, vbard2@spsu.edu, 678-915-07231, Q330
  • School of Computing and Software Engineering:  Beth Haynie, bhaynie@spsu.edu, 678-915-3572, J375
  • School of Engineering:  Jessica Williamson, jwilli43@spsu.edu, 678-915-3028, Q317 
  • Undeclared Majors and Arts and Sciences majors, Martina McWilliams, mmcwilli@spsu.edu, 678-915-3727, J329 

3.    Once you have an appointment set with your advisor, make an appointment with Ann, Iraj Omidvar, or me that is AFTER your appointment with your advisor.  To make the appointment:  

  • Look at the schedule of appointments below.
  • Send me (Nancy)  two times you can meet (indicate if the appointment time is with Ann, Iraj Omidvar, or with me). 
  • Copy your advisor on this email and indicate when you will meet with him or her so I can ensure you will be prepared.

4.  Download the schedule sheet from the left-hand menu  (the link is in green lettering)

5. To fill out the sheet go to the “Schedule of Classes” link found on the SPSU homepage.  Select Fall 2013 for the semester.  Honors classes can be found under “honors.”  Other classes can be found under the proper subject headings.  Use this link to find your classes.  If you use your Banner account, it will be more difficult to find the honors classes. They are not listed as a category on your Banner account.

6. Take your competed schedule to your appointment with your advisor.  Ask you advisor to review your courses and to sign off on the form.

7. Bring your completed form to your appointment with Ann, Iraj Omidvar, or me.  We will register you for classes and provide honors advising.

Telephone Conferences:  Telephone Conferences are available in the summer for those of you who cannot make it to school.  For those of you creating a telephone conference, please get the advisor’s approval via email and send it to Iraj, Ann, or me  BEFORE your appointment with one of us.  Send your list of completed Honors coursework as well. Don’t send it too early—it may just get lost in our inboxes :-)

Setting up the Advising Appointments

 E-mail me at least two choices for date and time whether you're choosing to do your advising with Ann, Iraj Omidvar, or me.  Doing so will help ensure a time slot is open. If you can't make any of the available dates and times, give me a call so that we can ascertain what will work for you.

Iraj Omidvar will meet with honors students in the director’s office, Ann in her office, and I will use the study room for my appointments.  Telephone conferences also need dates and times.

Transferring Students

 Please let us know you're transferring so we don’t hunt you down for an appointment!

Dates and Times for Advising Appointments

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 

With Nancy (In honors study room)

8:30 a.m.  Zack Mielko

8:45  Michael Hallock

9  Tim Dow

10:15  Jamar Salmon



11  Zachary North


11:30  Danny Adams

11:45  Shannon Hames

With Iraj Omidvar

9:30 a.m.


10 Sa'von Jackson

10:15  Cole Borton



11  Nicholas Testin (phone)


With Ann

11 a.m  Michael Phaff (phone)

11:15  Nigel Bradley

11:30 Delbert Wan (phone)

11:45  William Lentjes

12:00 p.m. Jordan Simon

12:15  Kierra Thrower

LUNCH 12:30 - 1:00

1:00 Tyler Kimbley

1:15 Hannah Boyd

1:30  Casey Williamson (phone)

1:45  James Collins


Wednesday, May 29, 2013 

 With Nancy (in honors study room)

10:45 Ryan Bittner

11  Pranita Saraswatula

11:15  Corey Jones



Noon  Hunter Green

12:15  Christopher Richardson (phone)



1  Sydney Lyman (phone)

With Iraj Omidvar

1 p.m.  Christian Bourguillon


1:30 Rugaya Abaza







3:15  Joey Gemuenden

Thursday, May 30, 2013

with Nancy (in honors study room)

 12:45 Joshua Skelton

1  Lindsey Bradford

1:15 Bradley Richey

1:30  David Ash

1:45 Elberth Romero

2  Danica Roberts


2:30  Evans Ferrell (phone)



3:15  Bikash Sunar


Friday, May 31, 2013

with Nancy (in honors study room)

10:45 a.m.  Yunji Kim  (phone)

11 Kenny Gagne

11:15 Bri Mason (phone)

11:30  Dhruvee Patel

11:45  Drew Forbes

Noon  Alexander Creilson

12:15  Alexander Sparrow (phone)

12:30 Hecmarys Tirado (phone)

12:45  Drew Bell

1  Jamie Bouges

1:15 Michael Russell


With Ann

11 a.m  Alex Diaz

11:15  William Forsyth

11:30  Channing Guyer

11:45  Rebecca Wilson (phone)

12:00  Niki Reynolds

12:15  Ariyanna White

LUNCH 12:30 - 1:00

1:00  Jake Robinson

1:15  Meredith Shaddix (phone)

1:30  Dhruval Darji

1:45  Kyle Sanders


Monday, June 3, 2013 

With Ann 

11 a.m  Valerie Washington

11:15  Patrick (Jake) Jaugstetter

11:30  Ada Enemuo

11:45  Michael Hilliard

12:00  Ciara O'Steen

12:15  Shari Holness

LUNCH 12:30 - 1:00

1:00  Rosalyn Price

1:15  Will Owens

1:30  Laura Sherman

1:45  Aaron Roberts