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Articulations with University System of Georgia Institutions

General Policy
Transfer credit is generally awarded by SPSU for courses taken at other University System of Georgia (USG) colleges and universities. 

Courses must normally:

  • Represent college or university-level work
  • Have been completed with a grade of "C" or better
  • Be equivalent to courses at SPSU with regard to
    • Credit hours
    • Course content
    • Level of instruction
  • Not have been in a subject for which the student received a failing grade at SPSU

Special considerations for transfer of USG Core Curriculum courses:

Students completing a given area (A,B,C,D,E, or F) will be given full credit when transferring to a different institution if the major field of study remains the same.

In Area A, students will receive transfer credit for all satisfactorily-completed courses, regardless of whether the entire Area has been completed.

Grades of "D" are transferable for all USG courses except:

  • ENG 1101 requires "C" or better
  • MATH 1111 requires "C" or better
  • MATH 1113 requires "C" or better

If students transfer the entire USG Core (60 semester hours) for a given major (without changing majors), the total credit hours required for the transfer student's baccalaureate degree at SPSU will not exceed the total credit hours required for a student who completed the USG Core at SPSU in that same major.

Transfer credit should not be confused with course substitutions. A course might not be equivalent to any course offered at SPSU, but still have enough content to be considered as a substitute for a course within a degree program. Transfer credit would be awarded for free elective hours and a course substitution petition would be initiated and processed through the curriculum committee.