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Graduate Transition Certificate in Computer Science

The Graduate Transition Certificate in Computer Science prepares individuals for Masters level computer science programs or entry-level positions in the industry. The program is designed for those students holding an accredited bachelor's degree in an area unrelated to computer science who have an interest in computer science. This program is available in the traditional face-to-face format as well as fully online.

The focus is on providing broad-based knowledge and skills. The required courses are:

CS 5123

Advanced Programming & Data Structures


CS 5153

Database Systems


CS 5183

Object-Oriented Programming


CS 5223

Computer Architecture


CS 5243

Operating Systems


CS 5423

Mathematical Structures for Computer Science


Prerequisites include:

  • Some knowledge of programming (equivalent to CSE 1301 – Programming & Problem Solving I; may be taken in addition to required courses if needed)
  • Calculus

Applicants with satisfactory preparation in some transition topics may be allowed to substitute up to two approved 6000-level courses for the same number of required courses.



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