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SPSU Graduate Catalog

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Home >> 2010 - 2011 Graduate Catalog >> Programs & Courses >> Degree Programs >> Graduate Green Belt Certificate

Graduate Green Belt Certificate

The Department also offers a Graduate Green Belt Certificate for those individuals with an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Course work completed in the certificate program will be credited to the student's official transcript as regular academic course work counting for graduate credit. Admission in the Certificate program does not in any way qualify a student for admission to a graduate program. Should a certificate seeking student decide to apply to the MSQA program, that student would need to apply as outlined above. It should be noted that no more than nine semester hours can be transferred into any SPSU graduate program including those taken as a certificate student.

Admission Requirements for the Graduate Green Belt Certificate

At least a 2.75 (on the 4.00 scale) undergraduate grade point average

Undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in: Engineering, Engineering Technology, Business, Social Science, Physical Sciences or Education. Other technical and non-technical majors may be acceptable

Admissions Procedure for the Graduate Green Belt Certificate:

Applicants for the Certificate Program must submit the following to the Graduate Admissions Office in accordance with the deadlines outlined on the Graduate Admissions Web site.

• An application for admission to the program

• One official transcript from each college the applicant has attended

• A certificate of immunization (distance learning waiver section signed)

• A statement of purpose in seeking this degree

No letters of recommendation are required for the Certificate Program.

Course work completed in the certificate program will be entered on the student's official transcript as regular academic course work counting for graduate credit.

Students with an insufficient undergraduate statistics background may be asked to complete QA 5000, Statistical Concepts in Quality Assurance before beginning the statistical requirements of the certificate.

Certificate Requirements for the Graduate Green Belt in Quality Assurance

QA 6602

Total Quality


QA 6610

Statistics for Quality Assurance


QA 6611

Statistical Process Control


QA 6650

Quality Systems Design






Total Required Hours


In addition, students must pass a Green Belt qualifying exam at the end of their course work to earn the Graduate Green Belt Certificate.

Note: A grade of "C" or better is required for each course