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Master of Science in Information and Instructional Design Degree Requirements

Courses from the basic TCOM Certificate are not transferrable to the IID. Students enrolled in the IID must take courses specific to this program. Both IDC and IID students will begin the same core of three IDC courses (9 credits):
  • IDC 6001, Professional Practices of Communication
  • IDC 6002, Information Design
  • IDC 6030, Foundations of Graphics

IID students are also required to take IDC 6135, Website Design, (3 credits).

Each student must complete 36 semester hours of work. That includes 30 hours of classroom/online courses plus an internship, OR 36 hours of hybrid/online courses. Students can finish in about two years if they take (a) two three-hour classes for each of three semesters, and (b) three classes, or nine hours, for each of the other two semesters.

IDC 6001 (Technical Writing and Editing), IDC 6002 (Information Design), IDC 6030 (Foundations of Graphics), and IDC 6135 (Website Design) MUST be taken by all students. These courses provide essential background for the program and for a career in information and instructional design. IDC 6001 must be taken the first semester in which a student is enrolled. If a student is taking only one course, register for IDC 6001. If a student is taking two courses, register for IDC 6001 and IDC 6030. In a student’s second semester, IDC 6002 will need to be taken either with IDC 6030 (if it wasn’t taken the first semester), or with other courses

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NOTE:. Students are restricted to two courses per semester in their first two semesters to assure success in getting underway with the program. 

  • There are exceptions for students who require full-time status based on scholarship/loan/visa requirements, or those with time to commit to three courses. These students will need to petition either through the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Carol Barnum, or Donna McPherson at dmcphers@spsu.edu.


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