Southern Polytechnic State University

Graduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

Withdrawal from Classes

Students desiring to withdraw from one or more classes before the midpoint of the term may do so by:

  • Completing a Request to Withdraw at the Registrar's Office
  • Or withdrawing through the Web-based registration system
  • Or by sending a signed fax or letter to the registrar's office

After doing so, the student will be assigned a grade of "W" for those course(s). While a grade of "W" does not count in the student's cumulative grade point average, it does count in attempted hours for financial aid purposes and could affect a student's eligibility for aid if there are repeated withdrawals.

Refunds associated with withdrawals are made only in the case where a student withdraws completely from all classes for a term. Refunds are based on the date of the withdrawal and are pro-rated. By University System of Georgia rule, refunds are not initiated for withdrawing from a portion of registered classes.

Withdrawing After the Mid-Point

Students who withdraw after the midpoint of the term are not eligible for a grade of "W” except in cases of hardship or extenuating circumstances as approved by the faculty. (See Administrative Procedures for instructions.) Students withdrawing after the withdrawal deadline date receive a grade of "WF" for the course(s), which counts the same as an "F" for grade point purposes.

Professor Initiated Withdrawals

In the event that a student ceases to attend classes and is beyond any reasonable chance to earn a passing grade, a professor, at his or her discretion, may withdraw the student unilaterally. If the student was already failing the class when he or she stopped attending, this policy should not be applied unless there are other mitigating circumstances. Professor initiated withdrawals are at the discretion of the professor and there is no obligation on the professor's part to initiate a withdrawal under any circumstances. Students who have decided to stop attending should initiate the withdrawal process as outlined above.