Southern Polytechnic State University

Graduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013


The ATTIC (Advising, Tutoring, Testing, International Center) represents the collaboration of student services at SPSU. Located in J 253, the ATTIC houses advising for Joint Enrollment and General Studies students, Tutoring, Testing, International Student Services and Disability Services. For more information, call (678) 915-7361.


The ATTIC provides opportunities for individualized assistance to Southern Polytechnic students. Tutors help students with core courses in English, mathematics, physics, and ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages). Tutoring is conducted in J210 from 9:00-2:00 Monday-Friday and 5:00-8:30 Monday-Thursday.

Disability Services

The Disability Services/Testing Advisor coordinates academic support services for students who have a permanent or temporary disability. Individuals eligible for services include, but are not limited to, those with mobility, hearing, learning, visual, speech, or specific neurological disabilities. Services are available free of charge on a self-referral basis.

Students at Southern Polytechnic State University who have a disabling condition and need academic accommodations have the responsibility to voluntarily self-identify by scheduling an appointment with the Disability Services Advisor as soon as possible.

The ATTIC is responsible for providing special assistance for students diagnosed as having specific learning disabilities. To become eligible for special services at Southern Polytechnic State University, students must verify the specific learning disability by having a psychological evaluation on file in the ATTIC.

If you believe you have a specific learning disability, visit the ATTIC for more information.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), special services are available through the ATTIC to any learning-disabled student at Southern Polytechnic State University. All such services are offered based on individual needs.

International Student Services

International Student Services advises the University's international student body, faculty, and staff on Immigration and Naturalization regulations. The coordinator provides student assistance with banking, social security, insurance, housing, employment, practical and curricular practical training, travel regulations, income tax, and the lottery.

International Student Services provides cultural, social, and educational programs. CultureFest introduces international students' culture, food, and talent to the SPSU community. Friends of Internationals and AMIS (American Ministry of International Students) sponsor family and community activities.