Southern Polytechnic State University

Graduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

Master of Business Administration Program Degree Requirements

The requirement to complete the degree is 36 semester hours at the 6000 level. Students will complete eight required courses and four electives.

Required MBA Degree Curriculum


ACCT 6000

Managerial Accounting


MGNT 6002

Corporate Finance


MGNT 6005

Managerial Economics


MGNT 6004

Service & Operations Management


MGNT 6008

Marketing Management


MGNT 6010

Management of Information Technology


MGNT 6025

Managing Professionals


MGNT 6090

Strategic Management


Required Courses


Elective Courses


Total Hours


Concentration with four electives in accounting, finance, marketing, management, management of information systems, or operations and technology management


General MBA with any four of the electives

In all graduate programs, a minimum of a 3.0 G.P.A. is required. No grades below 'C' may be applied to a graduate program's requirements, and a maximum of 2 'C' grades at the level of 6000 or above may be applied to a graduate program's requirements.

A grade of "C" or better is required for each course and an overall "B" average (3.0), including in the 5000-level transition courses, is required. Students must maintain a 3.0 average to remain in good standing.


In consultation with their advisor, MBA students may design a custom concentration consisting of four elective courses in business or a related area. Concentrations might be in such areas as accounting, marketing, operations and technology management, or management information systems.

Accounting: Requires taking Intermediate Accounting I and II (6 hours at the undergraduate level or as graduate transition courses). Managerial Accounting is a required course in the MBA program. Graduate accounting courses include Advanced Management Accounting, Emerging Auditing Technologies, Taxation of Entities, Advanced Accounting Information and Control Systems, plus other accounting electives. Students interested in professional accounting certification should meet with the Graduate Accounting advisor. (already approved for a concentration by Graduate Programs Committee)

Finance: Four electives in finance in addition to the required Corporate Finance course. Electives rotate over four semesters and include such topics as Investments, Money and Financial Institutions, Management of Financial Institutions, and Derivatives. (already listed as a concentration but not approved by Graduate Programs Committee)

Management: Four electives in management from such courses as International Management, Entrepreneurship, Issues in Human Resource Management, Technology and Innovation Management, Project Management, and Managerial Communication, Performance Technology (in the MS in Information Design and Communication) among others.

Management of Information Systems: Four electives in addition to Management of Information Technology (required course). Electives rotate among the following courses: Systems Analysis and Design; Database Analysis, Design, and Implementation; Advanced Database Analysis, Design, and Implementation; and Project Management or other related elective as approved.

Marketing: Four electives in marketing in addition to Marketing Management (required course). Electives rotate over two years and include such topics as Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Business-to-Business Marketing, and special topics courses.

Operations and Technology Management: Four electives from such courses as Technology and Innovation Management, Current Readings in Technology Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MS Systems Engineering), Quantitative Methods, Total Quality Management (MS Quality Assurance), and Project Management.

General MBA: Choice of any four MBA electives.

Transition Certificate Courses

The following transition courses cover the Common Professional Core and may be required for students who have not previously taken business courses. These courses may not be used to satisfy degree requirements.

MGNT 5000

Survey of Management


MGNT 5002

Survey of Financial Accounting


MGNT 5004

Survey of Managerial Accounting


MGNT 5006

Survey of Corporate Finance


MGNT 5008

Survey of Marketing


MGNT 5010

Survey of Business Law


MGNT 5012

Survey of Economics


MGNT 5014

Survey of Statistics


IDC 5001

Writing for the Professions