Southern Polytechnic State University

Graduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

Catalog and Curriculum Appeals

Matters requiring Petitions to the Faculty include requests for consideration for exceptions to policies published in the catalog or as formal institutional Policies and Procedures. Examples include:

  • Receiving a grade of "W" past the withdrawal date
  • Extension of the time limit for converting a grade of "I"
  • Exceptions to residency requirements

Students should complete a Petition to the Faculty form when they feel the academic policies or procedures have not been applied, or will not apply, fairly or appropriately to them.

Students desiring to petition the faculty for an exception should see the registrar's office for information on how to proceed.

If the petition is approved, the matter should be resolved. If the petition is denied, and the student feels that he or she has grounds for an appeal, the following steps are followed:

  • The student should discuss the petition with the Registrar to determine the basis for refusal, to be informed of the appeals procedure in his or her particular case, and to be informed of any additional information or documentation that may be desirable, helpful, and/or required.
  • Upon written request for appeal to the Registrar's Office, all related information is forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for review. The Vice President may approve or refuse the appeal.
  • If the Vice President for Academic Affairs denies the appeal, upon written request to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the student may appeal to the President. All related information will at that time be forwarded to the President for review.
  • The President may approve or deny the appeal. The President is the final level of appeal.