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Faculty and Staff Campaign

2012 Faculty and Staff Campaign

It's time again to show support through your gift to SPSU. The 2012 Faculty and Staff Campaign takes place through September 30th. Your gift will help us reach our goal of 100% participation in this year’s Campaign. The participation of faculty and staff in this effort for SPSU will be a testament to our strength as a community.

We will continue our award-winning model of efficiency this year with a green campaign.  All Campaign materials, including a pledge card and list of fund codes, are available below as PDFs. Please print out a pledge card and return it via campus mail to Andy Schmidt in the Office of Advancement B-14.

This year’s campaign will support SPSU through unrestricted gifts and gift designations as determined by you, the donors. The University relies on private funds like those pledged during the Faculty and Staff Campaign to supplement state funds and provide a better experience for students and all campus constituents. You can fulfill your pledge to the Campaign through payroll deduction, cash, check, or credit card.

Professor Pam Frinzi and Mr. Robert Forbes, enthusiastic supporters of SPSU, have agreed to serve as this year’s Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chairs. In addition to the co-chairs, most campus departments have a campaign volunteer who promotes the Campaign and is available for any questions.

Pam reminds us, “It's extremely important to SPSU that all faculty and staff show their support for our great community, and an easy way to do this is by contributing to the Campaign.  This is a way in which we can show our students just how much we really care about them.  SPSU is a great place and we can all make some contribution, whether it be large or small.  Let's show our commitment to our university!”

Robert gives this advice, “Giving to the Faculty-Staff campaign is a great way to support the areas of the university that are meaningful to each one of us.  By giving now to the areas we each feel are important, we all reap the benefits later.  I encourage all faculty and staff to be a part of the future harvest by planting today!”

Please contact Andy Schmidt in the Office of Advancement with any questions at or ext. 7313.

*New* Fillable PDF Pledge Card

Download the List of Funds (PDF)
Download the Pledge Card (PDF)

Download the List of Funds Page 1 (JPG)
Download the List of Funds Page 2 (JPG)
Download the Pledge Card (JPG)

Some people using Macs have reported issues with the PDFs not rendering correctly. If you find this to be the case, please download and print the JPG versions of the forms. Thanks!