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Georgia Specific Rules

2013 Georgia Specific SOP (Science Olympiad Provisions)

1.  Just a reminder that schools (not teams) win the overall plaques, trophies, or invitations to the State or National tournaments.

2.  National Science Olympiad requires that students must live in 3
contiguous counties to go to the National tournament.  In Georgia, we
will waive this rule for regionals and State, but we encourage any
homeschool or other team to recompose their team adequately to satisfy this ruling if awarded to compete in the National tournament.

3. Wristbands are required for competition.  Check with your
tournament site director if a school with multiple teams needs to wear
varying color wrist bands.

4.  For the Forestry event, regional competitions will only use the
Georgia Tree list.  For the State tournaments in Georgia, we will also add the Eastern region tree list for state level competition.

5.  All results are NOT final until the following Monday at 5pm of any particular regional or state event.  In other words, after the Awards Ceremony this is still time for the formal arbitration process (using only the proper form procedure HERE) to appeal any perceived scoring errors.  After 5pm on the immediately following Monday of any GASO tournament, all scores are completely and utterly FINAL with no opportunity for appeal.

6. Any team that protests any particular event, tournament, or situation other than through the official arbitration process in writing (such as approaching the stage and interrupting an Awards ceremony) will be immediately disqualified from said event and possibly even the tournament itself at the discretion of the TD.  The only form to be used is located HERE!

7. Teams may participate in up to only 23 events at a particular tournament with some sites possibly choosing additional events for teams to compete in which also contribute to the overall total and awards.

8. Remember that all other rules of NSO apply such as Rule #10 of only allowing competitors of the up to 15 students on a team may impound devices.  They must be wearing their wristband when impounding and be students.  Thus, coaches, parents, teachers, etc. are not to do impounding!

All other rules are based on the interpretation of National Science
Olympiad including any clarifications posted on their website of

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