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What is the Science Olympiad?

  • Nationally recognized program for enhancing science education and interest in science
  • For Middle and High Schools, it is a science competition for teams of up to 15 students competing in 23 different age related events over the course of the day
  • For Elementary Schools, it is an instructional lesson design, Science Fun Day/Night structure, Intra-grade level competition format and a Competition.  (In GA, the ESO competitive team size is 20 students with limitations on grade 5 and 6 participants.)
  • Usually each team competes in all 23 events.
  • Grade-related activities (K-2; 3-5; 6-9; 9-12) spanning all areas of science
  • Activities emphasize doing and applying science
  • Middle and High School Teams may advance from regional to state to national competitions
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All of the Science Olympiad events aligns to the Georgia Performance Standards in many ways. The Science Practices outlined in the Next Generation of Science Standards are also prevalent in Science Olympiad events and provide a strong engineering integration.  














How are students recognized?

  • Medals are given for first 3 or 4 places in EACH event.
  • Ribbons are given in EACH event for placing among top 10 places.
  • Schools receive trophies/plaques for overall places 1-5

    How does the Georgia Program compare to programs in other states?
  • More than 300 schools in GA have Science Olympiad programs.
  • Georgia’s program is 8th largest in country.
  • Georgia middle school teams have won the national title more than 10 times  in the last couple of decades.
  • Three GA scientists serve as national event supervisors.
  • Augusta State University was selected to host the national competition in May 2009 
  • Executive directors:
  • Dr. Lance Crimm, 678-915-7249,
  • Dr. Kelly Price, 404-668-2096,  and 

How can I become a part of the GA Science Olympiad program (GAS0)?

  • Become a coach and register a team.
  • Become a parent to community volunteer to help a schools team.
  • Volunteer to help with an event at a tournament.
  • Become a sponsor
  • Overall state sponsors:Southern Polytechnic State University, Lockheed Martin, Centers for Disease Control