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Welcome to the Games website!  This site is devoted to showcasing the game-related activities taking place at Southern Polytechnic State University.

Please visit our blog at for all the latest news and events.

SPSU offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Design and Development.  We also offer a minor in Computer Game Design and Development.  Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Design and Development program is accredited by the CAC Commission of ABET,

We're among good company as the ESA reports over 300 universities are now offering game-related programs.  "70 percent of "major employers" use interactive software and games for training, and 75 percent of non-profits that use games for employee education plan to continue doing so, says the research."

Funding and Scholarships are available.

Get connected with the IGDA Ed Student SIG

At SPSU, we pay homage to the great games that have come before and look forward to the field of gaming as an exciting and vibrant area within computing.  You will find content on this site related to play, academics, and research.

SPSU is also host to the Center for Applied Gaming and Media Arts (CAGMA).

Always growing our collection, these game-related books are available in the SPSU library.

Come learn and grow with us.

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