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Future City 2012 eNews: 11/15/11

Future City 2012 eNews: 11/15/11

I have spoken to many of you over the last several days and know you are focused and busy with your Virtual City Design and Essays. If I can help, please let me know. Please note Item C requires your response. This eNews contains the following sections:

A.  Virtual City Design

      1.  Instructions for Medium Region Download

      2.  Contact for SimCity Assistance

      3.  Updated Virtual City Form (attached)

      4.  Directions to Submit your City

B.  Partial List of Special Awards

C.  Data Needed Request (attached)

D.  Deadline Reminders  


A.  Virtual City Design

      1.  Instruction for Medium Region Download

All of your city designs need to start in the Medium Region provided on the national website. Attached are both PC and MAC instructions for starting in the region.  

      2.  Contact for SimCity Assistance

Alex Underwood at the national office is available to assist you with questions related to SimCity. You may contact him at alexunderwood@futurecity.org

      3.  Updated Virtual City Form (attached)

Attached is the updated Virtual City Form that each team needs to complete and submit with your City Design. This is your opportunity to add 10 points to your Virtual City total score. So please remember to complete and return to me via email dramsey@spsu.edu or faxd 678-915-3991.

      4.  Directions to Submit your City

I will provide directions exacy directions to submit your virtual city designs for the Dec 2, deadline in an email that will go out 11/28. That inforamtion will also be included in the eNews for 12/1. We will use the same general process as last year. I will provide a site for you to upload your file for each team. For those that prefer you can mail a CD with the city on it to me at the address at the end of this email.


B.  Partial List of Special Awards

There will be a total of 20 Special Awards categories this year. Below is a partial list of 10 of those awards. The other 10 will be included in the Future City eNews on 12-1-11

      Jackie Winchester People's Choice Award

      Best Transportation System - sponsored by the Georgia Department of Transportation

      Oveerall Project Excellence - sponsored by IEEE

      Best Power Generation System - sponsored by IEEE

      Best City Design - sponsored by the School of Computing and Software Engineeering (CSE)

      Most Innovative Infrastructure System - sponsored by the Division of Engineering (DOE)

      Most Creative Use of Recycled Materials

      Best Residential Zone

      Best Engineering Concept

      Best City Services  


C. Data Needed Request

Please see the attached Data Needed Request Form. Please complete this form and send to me via return email (either as an attachment or embedded in an email). I need this form returned by 11/22/11.


D.  Deadline Reminders

Virtual City Design and Virtual City Benchmark Form - December 2, 2011

Research Essay And City Narrative - December 16, 2011

Please note that the dates above are due dates without point penalty. The final deadline for submission for the points to count for your team on competition day is  January 6, 2012. If there are unusual circumstances (i.e. bad weather, etc.) penalty points will not be applied.