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Future City 2012 eNews: 1/3/12

Future City 2012 eNews: 1/3/12

I hope you all had a joyous and restful break.  This is the final volume of Future City 2012 eNews.  Completion is only 18 days away! I hope this eNews provides you with the last minute details you need. Remember, you can call or email at any time if you need additional information.


This eNews includes the following:

1.  FC 2012 Venue Changes

2.  Final Date for Virtual City and Essay submission

3.  Important Dates for 2012 Future City

4.  Team Information Form

5.  What to Bring to Competition

6.  Other Forms


1.  FC 2012 Venue Changes

The 2012 Future City Competition will begin in the Engineering Technology Center (ETC) at SPSU. The Preliminary Round will be held there. The whole group will move to the Student Center Theatre for the Final Round (at 1:30 pm). Only the final 5 models will have to be moved to the Student Center. At the end of the competition everyone should return to the ETC to pick up their models and check out. An email will be sent to each teacher sponsor on Friday1/13/12 with model drop-off details and directions.  There will be two model drop-off points based on the location of your city display table. 


2.  Final Date for Virtual City and Essay submission

Remember for those teams competing in the Full Competition, 1/6/12 is the deadline to submit the following items:

              Virtual City File and Virtual City Benchmark Form

              Research Essay and Research Essay Form

              City Narrative and City Narrative Form

I will send an email to each School’s Teacher Sponsor on 1/3 letting you know what I have received. If you have questions or need assistance, please call me at 770-713-7337.


If your team(s) is competing in Future City Lite, you do not have submission deadlines. Please bring your scale model and deliver your presentation on 1/21/12.


3.  Important Dates for 2012 Future City

The following upcoming dates are important:

January 3  -- Final eNews sent

January 6  -- Final date to submit Virtual City, Narrative and Essay to count points on 1/21/12

January 11  -- Deadline for all Team Information Forms for Teams competing on 1/21/12

January 13  -- Competition Details Packet will be sent to each Teacher Sponsor

                             (includes a preliminary round schedule, model drop off directions, model display

                              assignment, parking directions, Day of Competition Details to share with parents)

January 21  -- Competition Day


4.  Team Information Form

Attached is a Team Information Form. One Team Information Form must be submitted by 5 pm on Wednesday1/11/12 for each team competing on 1/21/12. The information your provide on the Team Information Form will be used to prepare materials for the competition including the Program Book, name tags, certificates, city signs, model display assignments, model drop off assignment, etc. This is critical information to assure that the competition runs smoothly. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT ALL YOUR TEAM INFORMATION FORMS BY THE DEADLINE.


5.  What to Bring to Competition

The Teacher Sponsor for each Team will come to the registration desk to register their team(s).  Please remember to bring the following items with you:

  • A signed Media Release Form* on each student team member, your alternate, you and your mentor. A completed signed Competition Expense Form with receipts for each Team.
  • A signed Honor Statement*.
  • A signed Home School Affidavit*(if you represent a Home School).


*You may submit these forms prior to competition via email attachment if you wish.


In addition to the forms you will need for registration, remember to bring a repair kit for your model.


6.  Other Forms

See the links below for forms you may need.

Home School Affidavit -- http://futurecity.org/sites/default/files/fc_form_homeschoolaffidavit_0.pdf

Honor Statement - http://futurecity.org/sites/default/files/fc_form_honorstatement_0.pdf

Media Waiver - http://futurecity.org/sites/default/files/fc_form_mediawaiver_0.pdf

Competition Expense Form - http://futurecity.org/sites/default/files/fc_form_competitionexpense.pdf

City Narrative Form - http://futurecity.org/sites/default/files/fc_form_citynarrative_new.pdf

Research Essay Form - http://futurecity.org/sites/default/files/fc_form_researchessay_0.pdf

Virtual City Benchmark Form - http://futurecity.org/sites/default/files/fc_form_virtualcitybenchmark_rev_0.pdf


Best wishes to each of you and your teams as you approach the final days before competition. Call or email if I can help in any way.