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Special Awards

Best Power Generation System - "Cogo Amicitia" - Johns Creek Home School
Most Sustainable City Design - "Handamily Fa'rta" - Pickens County Middle School
Best Use of Recycled Materials - "Renopolis" - Marietta Middle School
Best City Design - "M.B. City" - Tucker Middle School
Best Urban Design - "Triopolis" - East Cobb Middle School
Overall Project Excellence - "The City of Fleuren" - M.O.N.D.S. Home School
Best Engineering Concept - "Cirtcele" - Jasper Middle School
Best Integrated City - "Sandy Orchard" - Burke County
Best Transportation System - "The New Atlantis" - Maritetta Sixth Grade Academy
Most Sustainable Buildings - "Andronovo" - Jasper Middle School
Jackie Winchester People's Choice Award - "Bombora" - Queen of Angels Catholic School
Most Innovative Infrastructure System - "Viridis Luna" - Brooks County Middle School
Best Management of Water Resources - "BFFS" - Arlington Christian School
Best Fire Protection Engineering - "Gotta Town" - The Heritage School
Most Innovative Design - "Cogo Amicitia" - Johns Creek Home School
Best Communication System - "Ozark" - Marietta Middle School
Accessible City Award - "KFC City" - Pine Mountain Middle School
Best Residential Zone - "Ville Nouvelle Futur" - Pickens County
Best City Services - "Wi-Tri-City" - Queen Of Angels Catholic School
Most Sustainable Food Production System - "District WHALE" - St Teresa's Catholic School


Queen of Angels Presentation