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2009 Winners

First Prize - "Jatville" Queen of Angels
Second Prize - "Central Command" Fulton Science Academy
Third Prize - "Copotay" Mabry Middle School
Fourth Prize - "Callisto "East Cobb Middle School
Fifth Prize - "Cornucopia City " Thomas County Middle School

Special Awards

Best Transportation System - "Maximus Urbus" Queen of Angels
Best Sustainable Design - "Osiris" Chestnut Log Middle School
Most Innovative Engineering Concept - "Callisto" East Cobb Middle School
Live, Work, Play - Development Around Transit - "Vidamonte" Cedar Grove Middle School
Transit for All - "Jatville" Queen of Angels
Earth Sound - "Neo-aqua-polis" Chamblee Middle School
Overall Project Excellence - "Zarcadia" Chamblee Middle School
Best Power Generation System - "Aquatropolis" Calvary Day Middle School
Most Innovative Water Resuse - "Copotay" Mabry Middle School
Best Residential Zone - "Collaboration City" Queen of Angels
People's Choice - "Bayside Plateau" Queen of Angels
Best SimCity Simulation - "Maximus Urbus" Queen of Angels