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Future City Competition

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Future City Competition
Georgia Region
RM 150 Bldg. N, SPSU
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060


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2008 Winners

First Prize - "Makt Stadt" Queen of Angels
Second Prize - "Aquatestopia" Trinity Christian Academy
Third Prize - "Xadia" Osborne Middle School
Fourth Prize - "Susanopolis" Mill Springs Academy
Fifth Prize - "Mothership" Fulton Science Academy

Special Awards

Best Essay - "Makt Stadt" Queen of Angels
Best City Design - "New Atlanta" Queen of Angels
Best Presentation - "Alternia" Queen of Angels
Best Model - "Alternia" Queen of Angels
Best Use of Recycled Contents - "Susanopolis" Mill Springs Academy
Best City Layout - "Broccoliville" Queen of Angels
Best Integrated City - "Crown Heights" Veterans' Memorial
Best Transportation System - "Tanihii" Trinity Christian Academy
Best Scale Model - "Alternia" Queen of Angels
People's Choice Award - "Upstream" East Cobb Middle School
Best Futuristic City - "Mothership" Fulton Science Academy
Best Environmental Design - "Makt Stad" Queen of Angels
Most Innovative Structures - "Aquatestopia" Trinity Christian Academy
Engineering Excellence - "Makt Stad" Queen of Angels