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What is the SPSU Foundation?
The SPSU Foundation was established in 1976 as the official fundraising arm of Southern Polytechnic State University. It is a 501(c)(3) organization which promotes the cause of higher education, expands educational opportunities, and acquires, invests, and administers private gifts donated to the mission of the University. Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Who governs the Foundation?
The Polytechnic Foundation of KSU, Inc. is governed by a board of trustees.  Elected officers generally serve a three year term. The executive and full board meet quarterly.

How is the Foundation different from the Alumni Association?
Both are housed under the umbrella of the Advancement Office; however they are separate organizations existing to support the university in different ways.  The Foundation is the legal entity for receiving and administering private gifts, while the Alumni Association strives to enhance and develop alumni relations.

SPSU is a state-supported institution, so why are gifts needed?
Like most other public universities, Southern Polytechnic State University receives only a portion of its revenues directly from state government. Federal dollars are sometimes allocated to specific projects or infrastructure needs.

Southern Polytechnic State University must rely on private donors to support the rest – everything from scholarships to equipment for classrooms and laboratories.   Private contributions are crucial to ensuring a strong future for Southern Polytechnic State University. 

Why are unrestricted gifts so important?
Unrestricted gifts allow the university the most flexibility for the most pressing needs. Unrestricted gifts can be used wherever the need is greatest. For example, a gift to a specific scholarship must be used for that scholarship, though there may be a greater need for lab supplies, computers, or books for this semester’s class. 

May I specify how my gift is used?
Absolutely! You may be as specific as designating your gift to the school, program, or campus organization. 
I want my gift to support multiple areas of SPSU, how can I do that?
At the time of your donation, please indicate the multiple designations of your gift and the amount.  Please contact the Advancement office at 678-915-7351 for additional questions. 

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Southern Polytechnic State University Foundation Incorporated is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; therefore your gift is tax deductible to the full extent as determined by the IRS.  Please consult your financial planner or tax adviser to determine the exact tax advantages of any gift you are considering.  If you need additional information send an email to

Can I make a gift anonymously?
Southern Polytechnic State University Foundation understands and respects your desire to remain anonymous to the full extent allowed under federal and state regulations.  At the time of your donation, please indicate that you do not wish for your name to appear in any form of public recognition. 

What about smaller gifts?
Every gift makes a difference.  Small gifts can have a major impact.  $25 can purchase a new library book or slides for a biology lab. A $100 gift can help a student research an honors thesis.  $500 can support an internship or award a stipend to a graduate student. And when combined with hundreds or even thousands of other "small" gifts, the University can offer merit scholarships or meet a host of other critical and ongoing needs.

Who determines the SPSU Foundation’s fundraising priorities?
SPSU fundraising priorities are initiated by the president and senior leadership, including deans or directors of university schools and programs. These priorities are communicated to the vice president for university advancement, who reviews them with the executive committee of the SPSU Foundation. The committee then makes recommendations to the SPSU Foundation board of trustees for approval. If approved, the priority is added to the fundraising tracking list.
Who is responsible for managing SPSU Foundation investments?
The investment committee of the SPSU Foundation provides direction and recommendations to the board of trustees for the investment of the financial assets of the Foundation. The Foundation uses the CommonFund and external professional counsel for its portfolio management.  
How is the SPSU Foundation accountable to donors?
The SPSU Foundation strives to provide transparency to donors through an Honor Roll of donors and IRS 990 form, both posted on the Foundation website. (In addition, the Advancement Office provides fund-specific information an annual fund reports to donors for accountability.) The Advancement Office works to ensure that funds are being used according to the donors’ wishes and then reports that information to the donors. At any time, a donor may contact the Advancement Office to inquire about the use of their funds or with any other questions or comments they may have in regard to their donation. 

What is the Foundation’s fiscal year?
July 1-June 30 

How can I make a gift?
The Foundation accepts cash, checks, credit cards, stocks and securities, gifts of real property, in-kind gifts and planned gifts. 
Many of these gifts offer tax advantages to the donor.

Please mail and make your check payable to:
The Polytechnic Foundation of KSU Inc.
P.O.Box 7747
Marietta, GA 30065

Credit Cards
Giving online using your credit card is fast, easy and secure. You can direct your tax-deductible gift to a school, unit or program of your choice. University-wide general unrestricted support will go directly to the areas of greatest need such as merit scholarships, academic and student awards. If you prefer not to use our online site, please email to arrange other payment.

Stocks and Securities
These gifts can be donated via registered mail, electronic transfer, or in person to the SPSU Foundation. For further information email

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