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Composition Showcase

Submit your work for The Recoulley First Year Composition Showcase

The Composition Program recognizes excellent student writers with the Recoulley Composition Showcase recognition award each academic year.

We officially recognize submitted essays toward the end of each spring semester. Students receive a recognition certificate and the opportunity to attend a special event that honors their work. Students also get to list the accomplishment on their résumé to demonstrate excellent academic achievement.


Students: Showcase Your Writing!

The submission procedures are simple. Just do the following before or near the end of each semester:

  • Let your 1101 or 1102 instructor know that you’re interested in submitting an essay for showcasing and award recognition.
  • Be sure to keep all drafts of your work.
  • Submit a hardcopy of your essay to your instructor, so it can be posted on the Composition Program’s Website if your instructor chooses your essay for showcasing and recognition.
  • Complete the Recoulley First Year Showcase Permission Form to allow the essay to be electronically published by the composition program (download a copy of the permission form

Please actively contribute to this effort to showcase your work and what you do in your composition classes.


Check out our former essays recognized in Our Recoulley Showcase:

Previous Composition Showcased Writing:


Michael Ball, "Ban That Game"
Evan Davis, "The Curve"
Tyler Esson, "What is Happiness?"
Joshua Gober, "Mama Day: An Informal Comparative Analysis"
Kimberly Heaberg, "Heated Passion" and "Thoughts"
Nathan Melton, "Chinese Fire-Drill Etiquette"



Sherri Ramson, "A Story Left Unfinished in Time"
2nd Place Tie:
Clay Smith, "My Life in the Blink of an Eye" and
Qiusi Want, "Confronting Myself"



Roger Kirby, "Echoes of Home"
David Chomyn, "Is That All You Have"
Honorable Mention: Jessica Herring, "Korean Lessons"



Zachary Reinhardt, “The Bussinator: B3
William Michelson, “Piggy’s Peaks
Honorable Mention: David Hampe, “End of Hunger”



Taylor Larkin, "A Day in the Life"
Linda Warbington, "More than Just a Location"
Honorable Mention: Robby Tieman, "A Good Place to Live, Learn, Work, and Play"



Curtis Gooden, "Fat America"
Andrew Smith, "A Runner's High"
Honorable Mention: Casey Roberts, "Forest Green"



Daniel Eastland, "Forty-five Misfits Can Fit Perfectly into One Home"
Lisa Seda-Rodriguez, "He Said, He Meant"
Honorable Mention: C.J. Shrader, "A Magic Cure-All End-All to Whatever Ails You"



Donald Hill, "My Autobiography as a Writer"
Ryan Harcher, "Independence Day"
Honorable Mention: Douglas Shaffren, "My Family"



Travis Bowen, "Not One Minute to Waste"
Kenna Hall, "Authority in the Garage"
Honorable Mention: Naim Hasan, "Mommy, I Wanna Be a Hottie When I Grow Up"


About the Recoulley Award

Dr. Alfred "Rex" Recoulley taught at SPSU from 1981 to 1988. His knowledge of composition and literature, along with his teaching style,made him a favorite with students. After his death in 1988, Dr. Recoulley left funds to establish a writing award at SPSU.