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English 1102

English 1102 is the second of two comp classes required for graduation.  Students usually take this course in their second semester here at SPSU. In this course, you’ll build on the skills you developed in 1101.  You will learn active reading and research strategies and critical writing skills as you interpret, analyze and synthesize ideas around you.  A valuable set of skills in the world of information overload.

So…what exactly will you learn?

  • How to read critically
  • How to respond to the ideas of others in writing
  • How to actively and critically research
  • How to understand cultural contexts and sources
  • How to incorporate new media into your writing and research
  • How to use writing to think and learn

What to expect in 1102

  • Reading and discussing the ideas of others
  • Responding to the ideas of others in writing
  • Conducting one or more research projects
  • Composing multimodal texts for a variety of audiences
  • Getting to know your instructor one-on-one

ENGL 1102 Learning Outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills through writing that analyzes and/or interprets diverse texts.
  • Find and Evaluate a range of quality source material (such as that from library, internet, interviews, etc.) appropriate for use in college-level research.  
  • Use research strategies that include the incorporation and documentation of evaluated sources from outside the classroom. 
  • Produce an extended research writing project at the level of proficiency appropriate for a college writer.  

Looking for something different?

As an alternative to ENGL 1102, you can choose a Special Topics course. These courses meet all the requirements of a regular 1102 class, except they focus on a particular subject, genre or topic. Perhaps you are interested in writing about sports, digital media, gender, humor, film, food, or more.  Join other students who share your interests. Special topics courses are listed in the bulletin so students are aware of the designated sections.

Check out our most recent Special Topics descriptions.

Information about your class

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Writing works

“Writing skills are fundamental in business. It’s increasingly important to be able to convey content in a tight, logical, direct manner, particularly in a fast-paced technological environment.”

Business Leader
Writing: A Ticket to Work…Or a Ticket Out.