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Teacher Support

We understand that teaching is an evolution of ideas and strategies. Our program values innovation and purposeful experimentation in our writing classes.

We offer support for teachers looking to improve their teaching by way of our teacher mentor program, teacher resource files, teacher conferences, and professional development opportunities.



Teacher Mentor Program

The Southern Polytechnic State University Composition Committee has established a teacher-mentor program for adjuncts and temporary instructors.

Each semester, members of the composition committee will be assigned a different teacher to observe. The expectations of these observations should match the guidelines set forth in the ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 syllabi.

Again, our goal is not so much to evaluate (although this is part of it), but rather to encourage teacher-talk about matters of curriculum development, composition pedagogy, student interaction, and classroom management.

We agreed to follow these guidelines:

  • Observe the classroom at least one time (if not two) during the semester.
  • Meet with the teacher at least once to discuss feedback on classroom observations.
  • Write an observation memo at the end of the semester for the teacher’s file.
  • Make yourself available to the teacher for discussion and questions.

It is the Composition Committee Member’s responsibility to contact the teacher at the beginning of the semester to explain the program, gather course materials, and schedule observation dates.

It is the adjunct/instructor’s responsibility to provide syllabi, class plans, assignments, etc., to help contextualize the observations.

Each semester, mentors will provide feedback in the form of an observation memo and individual conference following the observation. These memos and materials will be added to your teaching files and stored in the office of the Composition Program Director.


Continuing Training/In-service Workshops

During the course of the year you will be offered opportunities to participate in discussion groups and in-service workshops. Please try to make yourself available for these opportunities.



Online Teacher Resources

The following represents a brief list of teacher resources on the Web:



Computers and Writing




Internet Literacy

  • National Institute for Literacy


Online Journals and Listservs

  • Journal of Advanced Composition (online)
  • Writing Listservs
  • Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters, and Academic Discussion Lists
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education




Writing Across the Curriculum


Writing Centers



Composition Program Director

The Composition Program Director, Kim Haimes-Korn, is available to discuss and support innovative teaching ideas. Please feel free to contact Kim to receive additional help and advice on curriculum design, classroom practices, department policies, or student problems.