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First Year Composition

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It is within the discretion of the individual teacher to assign grades and establish methods of response and evaluation. These criteria, of course, should support the goals of the Composition Program (ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 syllabi).

Communicating Grading Expectations to Students

It is important to clearly communicate (in writing) your criteria and methods of grading. All students should be aware of their progress in the class before the drop date (listed in the Registration Bulletin), which is usually the end of the 8th week of the semester and be explicitly articulated in your course policy sheet.

Entering Grades

Each instructor is responsible for entering grades. You can download a document that explains how to enter grades. Grades are to be posted on the computer where students can check them. Please be sure to get senior grades in early, as these grades will be requested by special memo. Also, keep us advised of any changes in your home phone number and address.

Special Note about Incompletes

Adjuncts are discouraged from giving Incompletes in the Composition Program. If you are considering giving an Incomplete, please contact the Composition Program Director.