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Computer Writing Classroom

We are very fortunate to have a networked computer writing classroom in which to teach some of our classes. If you are assigned to teach in these classrooms(J 203 & J-214) you will need to familiarize yourself with the hardware and software.


The software, Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment (DIWE), is designed specifically for the writing classroom and involves students in the processes of thinking and writing. We encourage teachers to use this classroom in innovative ways that go beyond a collection of word processors.

Learning about DIWE

If you are teaching in this classroom you will need to review a copy of the Daedalus teaching manual. You might also consider talking to other teachers working in the classroom or consulting the online teacher support for Daedalus.

Classroom Startup Procedures

The basic start up procedures for the classroom are available for your persual. Please contact Dr. Mark Stevens with any questions.


If there is an emergency in the classroom, please contact Donna McPherson (x.7202) in the main office.

Classroom Supplies

All supplies are in the metal closet. Donna McPherson will give you a key to this cabinet. Please notify her if supplies are low.

Classroom Alarm

For security purposes, this classroom is equipped with an alarm.


Mark Stevens is the Computer Writing Classroom Administrator. Contact him for a brief orientation to the classroom. It is recommended that you acquaint yourself with the classroom and technologies before you starting teaching. Consult the Program Assistant for times when the classroom is available for preparation/use.

Report a Problem

If you experience problems with the machines, report them immediately by completing and submitting the Problem Report form. Be sure to note the machine number on the form.