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First Year Composition

SPSU First Year Composition
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Getting Started

The Composition Program at Southern Polytechnic State University is defined by a common set of guidelines and objectives found in the department course syllabi for ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102. Communally designed by the Composition Committee, these courses are based on current research and pedagogy in composition studies.

The courses stress the following ideas about writing:

  • Writing is a series of recursive processes that include invention, drafting, revising, and editing.
  • Writing should be seen as a meaning-making activity.
  • Writing is both a personal and social activity.
  • Writing classes should involve the related activities of writing, reading, speaking, and thinking.
  • Writing is a rhetorical act that asks students to write for varied purposes and audiences.



The ATTIC, directed by Jeff Orr, is located in the Student Center - Building A Suite 160. If you feel students need additional help with their writing, you can refer them to the ATTIC.

Students should be made aware of the hours, goals, and procedures of the ATTIC.

Although tutors will help students with editing, the ATTIC should not be viewed as a fix-it shop. Instead, it should be seen as a productive extension of the Composition Program’s goals and objectives.


Canceling a Class

If you have to cancel a class you need to have it approved by the Department Head. Call and email Donna McPherson ( and copy the email to the Composition Program Director.


Class Rosters

Follow the instructions below to print a class roster:

  1. Log on to Web reports
  2. Enter your user ID
  3. Enter your password
  4. Choose "Academics"
  5. Choose "Class Information

You will see a list of your classes. Click on the four-digit computer reference. This will pull up your class rosters with names and e-mails only.
If you copy the email addresses and place them in the Bcc: row on your Zimbra email, you will be able to email your class, but keep the class list suppressed.


Copies, Supplies, and Student Assistants

Although the textbooks provide a teaching apparatus with writing pedagogy and exercises, teachers often supplement this material with their own handouts or samples of student writing.

All supplies, copier machine, typewriter, computer and laser printer are located in the workroom.

Our student assistant can help with copying and special projects. The assistant's box and list of hours worked as well as work request forms will be located near the copier. Allow a 24-hour turn around time and remember that copiers do break down and need a day to be fixed.


Course Syllabi

All teachers in the program must address the objectives and requirements outlined in the 1101 common syllabus or the 1102 common syllabus . These syllabi address program guidelines, goals and objectives. You can request copies through the Program Assistant, consult the website and use the syllabus template. You are responsible for distributing these to students on the first day of classes.

In addition to common syllabi, we require teachers to create their own supplemental policy sheets that address information such as absence policies, office hours, course materials (including textbooks), evaluation methods/grading policies, classroom activities, conference policies, homework assignment descriptions, etc. The more specific information you include in these materials the better. All teachers should submit an electronic copy of this additional information to the Composition Program Director and the Program Assistant the first week of classes.



Much of the correspondence regarding the Composition Program takes place through e-mail. Please submit your e-mail address to the Dr. Kim Haimes-Korn ( before the start of classes. You will be given an email address once all of your HR paperwork has been processed. Donna McPherson will let you know when your email address has been set up, and how to change the default password. Your email can be accessed through


Employment Forms

New employees should go to Human Resources in the Norton Building to complete their Southern Polytechnic State University paperwork (after the department has processed your FID and EIF).

Be sure to take your Social Security card and proof of citizenship (such as driver's license, passport, etc.) with you. After the semester is over, if you so desire, you can apply for a refund of your contribution and interest to the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan by contacting Human Resources at 678-915-7331.

Remember to have your transcripts mailed to the department early so your paperwork can be processed.



All official University holidays are listed in the Registration Bulletin. Professors have the same holidays as the students.


If You’re Locked Out

Call the University Police at 678-915-5555.



Auxiliary Service (located on the top floor of the Student Center) will issue keys for your office and a key card for the labs. The cards will expire at the end of the semester. You will need to return both the keys and the key card to the department at the end of the semester.


Library Instruction

Library instruction is offered through the reference department for all 1102 classes. Aaron Wimer, Head of Research and Reference, at 678-915-7462 to set up a time and date.

You might consider supplying librarians with your research assignment and some sample topics to help them tailor their presentations. In order to make this instruction more useful, we recommend that students come to the library with their chosen topics.


Mail and Messages

You will be assigned a mailbox with your name on it where you will receive important correspondence regarding the program. It is your responsibility to check the mailbox on a regular basis and respond to all applicable information.

Mailboxes are located in the workroom. Grade rolls, student information, phone messages, etc., will be put there.

We have a fax machine for the department's use. The number is 678-915-7425. Donna McPherson, Program Assistant, can help with your questions.

Your campus address is:

Southern Polytechnic State University
English, Technical Communication, and Media Arts
1100 South Marietta Parkway
Marietta, GA 30060-2896

Adjuncts will share offices (J-344 and J-346) and telephones. Our department phone number is 678-915-7202 and should be given to students to leave messages for you. Phone messages will be put in your mailbox.



University Transportation will issue your parking authorization and employee ID card. Faculty can park in any empty spot that isn't in a special use area or specially marked impound area.



Checks are issued at the end of the month and end of the semester. They can be picked up at the Business Office (Norton Dorm Building), or you may sign up for direct deposit.

Ask Payroll for a direct deposit sign-up form.


Student Attendance

Because of the participatory nature of the Composition Program, it is important that students attend class.

Teachers should clearly state and enforce an attendance policy that values the importance of in-class participation. It is also important to hold all classes according to the University schedule.


Student Conferences and Office Hours

Current writing pedagogy suggests it is important that teachers communicate regularly with students on an individual basis through written comments and conferences.

All students should have regular opportunities to meet with their teachers to discuss their writing and progress in the class. You should make yourself available through both regular drop-in office hours and at least one mandatory scheduled conference per student per semester.


Program Contacts

Composition Program Director
Kim Haimes-Korn 678-915-7427

Program Assistant
Donna McPherson 678-915-7202

Recoulley First Year Showcase Coordinator
Terry Carter 678-915-7422

Computer Writing Classroom Administrator
Mark Stevens 678-915-7380

Emergency--Campus Police


Program Highlights

Each year, the Composition Program promotes the scholarship of teaching through participation in field conferences and publication. This initiative is community building on local, regional, and national levels.