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General Faculty

The faculty at SPSU consists of the corps of instruction, librarians with appropriate credentials, and senior administrative officers who have faculty status, as determined by the president. 

The corps of instruction consists of all full-time, ranked faculty, that is, full-time teachers at SPSU with rank Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. There may also be a few members of the corps of instruction with rank Instructor, although that designation is no longer used for new faculty members.

Current administrative officers with faculty rank are the president, the vice presidents, the Chief Information Officer, the University counsel, the registrar, and academic deans. 

Officers of the General Faculty, 2013-1014

Lisa Rossbacher, President of SPSU and ex-officio chair of the faculty

Meighan Dillon, moderator of the faculty

Tom Rotnem, vice moderator of the faculty

Joel Fowler, secretary to the faculty

Edward Dollar, parliamentarian