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Faculty Moderator
Bill Griffiths, Mathematics

Secretary to the Faculty
Jeffrey Greene, Digital Writing & Media Arts

USS Membership

Membership on the Undergraduate Student Status Committee is by school, with one member per school.  In addition, two at-large members are elected by the general faculty. 

Ex-officio members are the registrar, the Director of Admissions, the Dean of Students, and the academic deans.

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Name, School (Department) Term Began

 Name, School (Department) Term Began

Bob Harbort, CSE (IT) F13

William Griffiths, @ large (Math) F13

Matt Weand, A&S (BC) F12

Carl Snook, @large (SIS) F13

Keely Clay, ETM (IET) F12

Kathryn Bedette, ACM (ARCH) F13


Yusun Chang, SoE (EME) F13


Officers for 2013-2014

Chair,  William Griffiths

Secretary, Carl Snook