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Faculty Standing Committees

Faculty Moderator
Bill Griffiths, Mathematics

Secretary to the Faculty
Jeffrey Greene, Digital Writing & Media Arts

SLC Membership

The four faculty members of the Student Life Committee (SLC) are elected at large, with staggered two year terms that commence August 15.

The other members of SLC are the Dean of Students, a staff member from the Budget Office, and six members of the student body: Student Government Association (SGA) President, SGA Vice President, SGA Secretary/Treasurer, and three at-large students who are not SGA members and who are appointed by the SGA President.

These are the faculty members on SLC for 2013-1014.

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Name, (Department) Term Began

Name, (Department) Term Began

M.A. Karim, @large (CE) F14

Ying Wang, @large (EME) F13

M.S. Mayeed, @large (SME) F14

Jeff Greene, @large, (ECTMA) F13

SLC Officers for 2013-2014

Chair, Peter Sakaris, Biology

Secretary, Wasim Barham, Civil and Construction Engineering