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Faculty Moderator
Bill Griffiths, Mathematics

Secretary to the Faculty
Jeffrey Greene, Digital Writing & Media Arts

Faculty Senate Membership

Faculty Senators are elected from each academic department and may not be department chairs. Senators are elected to serve for two academic years, starting August 15. Departments with 15 or more faculty get two Senators with staggered terms. 

Ex-officio members are the president, vice president for Academic Affairs (VPAA), assistant VPAA, academic deans, and the student government association president.

Contact Elected Senators and Officers   (RIght click to copy)


Name, Department Term Began

Name, Department Term Began

Steven Edwards, MATH F12

Russ Patrick, PHYS F13

Simin Nasseri , MET F12

Stacey Grant-Williams , SIS F13

Shariar Makarechi, CM F12 (on leave; Debra White, substituting F13)

Rajnish Singh , BC F13

Tom Rotnem, SIS F12

 Rich Halstead-Nussloch, IT F13

Muhammad Obeidat, BA F12

Matt Wilson, CET F13

Kami Anderson, ETCMA F12

Erin Grant, LIB F13

Mir Atiqullah, SME F12

Nancy Reichert, ECTMA F13

Edward Dollar, IET F12

C. C. Hung, CSWE F13

Michael Carroll, ARCH F12

L.R. Ritter, MATH F13

Chan Ham, EME F12

Mikhail Melnik, BA F13

Jeff Wagner, ECET F12


Sung-Hee Kim, CCE F12


Jeff Chastine, CSWE F12


Christopher Welty, ARCH F12



Officers of the Senate 2013-2014                 

Moderator, Meg Dillon, Math

Vice Moderator, Tom Rotnem

Parliamentarian, Edward Dollar

Secretary, Joel Fowler, Math