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Faculty Moderator
Bill Griffiths, Mathematics

Secretary to the Faculty
Jeffrey Greene, Digital Writing & Media Arts

ITAC Membership

The membership of ITAC is by academic department.  Each department has one member who serves a two year term that starts on August 15. 

Ex-officio members are the Chief Information Officer and the academic deans.

Contact elected ITAC members. (Right click to copy)

Name, Department Term Began

Name, Department Term Began

Roger Soiset, SIS F12

Walt Thain, ECET F13

Greg Wiles, IET F12

Amine Khayati , BA F13

Simin Nasseri, MET F12

Jack Zheng, IT F13

Aaron Wimer, LIB F12

Nicolae Pascu, MATH F 13

Wei Zhou, BC F12


Hussein Abaza, CM F13


Bob Harbort, CSWE F12


Luminda Kulasiri, PHYS F12


Joseph Choma, ARCH F12


Mohammed Karim, CCE F12


Bill Diong, EME F12


M. S. Mayeed, SME F12


John Lee, CET F12


Keith Hopper, ECTMA F12



ITAC Officers for 2013-2014

Chair, __________________

Secretary, __________________