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GPC Membership

Membership on the Graduate Programs Committee is by department.  Each academic department with a graduate program elects one representative to the GPC. Department chairs may not serve.

Ex-officio members are the academic deans, and the library director.

Contact elected members of the GPC.  (Right click to copy.)


Name, Dept Term Began

Name, Dept Term Began

Bill Bailey, IET F12

Ermal Shpuza, ARCH F13

Sandra Vasa-Sideris, BA F12

Pavankumar Meadati, CM F13

Svetlana Peltsverger, IT F12

Jonathan Lartigue , CSWE F13

Adeel Khalid, SME F12

Craig Chin, ECET F13


Laura Beth Daws, ECTMA F13

GPC Officers for 2013-2014

Chair, ________________________