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Faculty Standing Committees

Faculty Moderator
Bill Griffiths, Mathematics

Secretary to the Faculty
Jeffrey Greene, Digital Writing & Media Arts

Faculty Council Membership

Faculty Council membership is at-large, from among the senior faculty of SPSU.  There are six members.  All have served as full-time SPSU faculty for at least 5 years. A candidate must receive two nominations to be considered for election.  Service is for two years, starting on August 15.

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Name, (Department) Term Began

Name, (Department) Term Began

Mike Thackston, @large (PHYS)  F12

Pam Frinzi, @large (ECET)             F13

L. R. Ritter, @large (MATH)             F12

Mark Stevens, @large (ECTMA)    F13

William Griffiths, @large (MATH)   F12


Liz Martin, @large (ARCH)              F 12



Faculty Council Officers 2013-2014

Chair, Michael Thackston

Secretary, Mark Stevens