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MSc Information & Instructional Design

The online MSc in Information & Instructional Design degree program at Southern Polytechnic State University consists of 36 credit hours (12 courses).

Transition Courses

Based on your application materials, the Graduate Review Committee may require you to take 2 Transition Courses (6 non-credit hours) before you begin the degree program. In addition, if you are accepted as a provisional student, you will have to take the transition courses.

These courses prepare you for your graduate program, but do not count for credit toward your graduate program. After you make a grade of "B" or better in both courses the Graduate Review Committee will reconsider your degree program application.

Foundation Courses

You'll start the degree by taking 4 Foundation Courses (12 credit hours); these courses prepare you for the remainder of the work in the program.

Required Courses

Once you complete each of these courses with a grade of "B" or better, you'll also take 2 Required Courses (6 credit hours) at any time in your master's degree coursework.

You have three options for completing your master's degree:

  • All courses—You'll take 6 more elective courses (18 hours) beyond the foundation and required courses and pass each class with a grade of "B" or better.
  • Internshippdf icon—You'll complete the foundation and required courses and designate 6 credit hours toward the internship course (IDC 7601-7603). Every internship must be approved by the Director before you begin. You'll take the remaining 12 credit hours from the elective courses.
  • Thesis—You'll complete the foundation and required courses and designate 6 of your remaining 18 credit hours toward the completion of a master's thesis (IDC 7801-7803). You'll take the other 12 credit hours from the elective courses.

A grade of "B" or better is required to pass courses at the graduate level. In an internship or thesis, the "S" indicates you've successfully completed the course.

Next steps:

Looking instead for a quick intro to technical communication?

SPSU’s Continuing Education Center offers short courses that provide hands-on, practical skill training in the fundamentals of technical communication, including technical writing, project management, Web design, and instructional design.

These non-credit courses cover the basics in only a few sessions and are a cost-effective way to learn if technical communication is the right career for you!

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