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Transition Courses

The Graduate Review Committee or your faculty advisor may recommend this preparatory work before you begin your graduate program in IDC, IID, or any master's program at SPSU.

Our 5000-level transition courses, offered each Fall and Spring semester, can help you succeed in graduate school by preparing you for the type of work you'll do at the 6000-level. With these classes, you'll enhance your current competencies in writing, graphics and research.

Remember, if you're a currently registered SPSU graduate student in another department at the university, these courses are also open to you. Please consult with your faculty adviser for more information.

Visit the Schedule of Classes to find out who is teaching each class in the current semester, then visit the Faculty and Staff Directory and click on the instructors' names for syllabi and assigned textbooks.

IDC 5001 Writing in the Professions

3 credits

Introduction to the conventions of professional written discourse for graduate-level work. The course reviews grammar, style and writing for students who demonstrate limited writing skills or for students without writing-intensive undergrad degrees. Assignments focus on typical genres of business communication including professional emails, memos, letters, and proposals. The course concludes with a white paper and a professional presentation. Students in any graduate program at SPSU can benefit from this course.

IDC 5002 Graphics in the Professions

3 credits

For students without page layout or graphic backgrounds, this course in an introduction to the conventions of professional graphics and document layout for graduate-level work. Course reviews industry standard page layout and graphic application skills such as initial setting up of documents, creating styles, adding graphics and graphic elements. Assignments will include creating and manipulating elementary digital graphics, changing color modes, resolving resolution issues, and choosing correct file formats. Students will develop an understanding different types of graphs and how to create them and when to use them. Copyright issues are also covered. This course will help any graduate student at SPSU produce better documents.

LIBR 5001 Research Skills in the Professions

1 credit

This course is an introduction to current practices in digital research. LIBR 5001 supports students enrolled in all graduate programs offered at SPSU, and as such, it's interdisciplinary in nature. The course focuses on the needs of students returning to graduate-level studies and offers opportunities to explore the variety of digital research options from academic libraries and beyond: Web, databases, catalogs, etc. Students will develop search strategies and adapt them to different search systems, evaluate and analyze both search systems and sources, verify topic selections, and study citation style guidelines.

Note: This course does not include writing instruction or research methodologies.


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