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Employment of Relatives - Nepotism

  1. The basic criteria for the appointment and promotion of classified employees in the several institutions of the University System of Georgia shall be appropriate qualifications and performance as set forth in the policies of the Board of Regents. Relationship by a family or marriage shall constitute neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.
  2. No individual shall be employed in a department or unit which will result in the existence of a subordinate-superior relationship between such individual and any relative of such individual through any line of authority. As used herein, “line of authority” shall mean authority extending vertically through one or more organizational level or supervision or management.
  3. For the purpose of this policy, relatives are defined as husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers, sisters, and any in-law of any of the foregoing:
 Sub-section 2 will not apply to:
    1. Temporary or part-time employment of children under age 25;
    2. Any individual employed as of February 14, 1990, at any institution where a relative of such individual then holds a superior position at least one level of supervision removed from such individual in any line of authority; or
    3. Exceptions approved by the Board of Regents upon recommendation of the Chancellor as being clearly in the best interest of the institution and the University System.