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Conditions of Employment

Prior to starting work at Southern Polytechnic, all new employees must complete the following forms in order that your paycheck can be processed.

  1. The State Security Questionnaire must be completed for all persons employed for thirty days or more. This form will be prepared in original only.
  2. The State of Georgia requires a Loyalty Oath to be executed and retained in the permanent files of the university.
  3. Federal and Georgia Withholding Tax Forms must be completed.
  4. Where applicable, application for group life insurance and membership in the Teachers Retirement System must be completed.
  5. When a person is to be employed for a period of 45 days or more, the rules and regulations of the State Personnel Board concerning medical and physical fitness standards for the position shall be followed.
  6. Documents that prove identity and employment eligibility, if requested, must be provided to comply with the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act. Failure to provide such documents may result in the termination of employment.