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Types of Employment

There are two types of employment - Regular and Temporary:

A Regular employee is one who is employed for one academic year.

A Temporary employee is one who is employed for a period of not longer than one academic semester under the Board of Regents policy provisions.

A temporary employee may be reappointed at the end of the initial period of employment for another period of not more than one academic semester. Such a reappointment, however, will not automatically change the status of the employee from Temporary to Regular. When the status of an employee is changed from temporary to regular, the appropriate department head and the HR Dept. will notify the employee. All Graduate Assistants, Student Assistants and casual laborers shall be classified as temporary. If a temporary position is changed to a regular position, the temporary employee may make application for the regular position through the normal employment process.

Certain benefits contained in this handbook are not applicable to employees classified as Temporary.