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Definitions of Minor Rule Violations

Rule violations of a minor nature are violations which have little or no effect on the continuity, efficiency and safety of work but which cannot be tolerated if repeated. Listed below are some examples of what may be termed minor rule violations which can result in either verbal or written warnings being entered in your record or termination.

  1. Excessive tardiness or absenteeism.
  2. Failure to notify your supervisor within the first four hours after start of shift on first day of absence.
  3. Failure to observe department working hour schedules (starting time, quitting time, rest and meal periods).
  4. Unsatisfactory work performance.
  5. Loafing or other abuse of time during assigned working hours.
  6. Interfering with another employee’s performance of duties.
  7. Leaving regularly assigned work location without notifying your immediate supervisor. (Personal needs excepted).
  8. Performing unauthorized personal work on Southern Polytechnic time.
  9. Defacing bulletin boards or notices posted thereon.
  10. Minor violations of safety rules.
The above list is not intended to be all inclusive.