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Definitions of Major Rule Violations

Major offenses are any willful, deliberate violations of university or safety rules of such a degree that continued employment of the individual may not be desirable. The following are examples of some offenses which may subject an employee to immediate discharge without warning:

  1. Any negligent act which might endanger the safety or lives of others or might result in damage to, or destruction of university property.
  2. Insubordination - refusal to perform properly, work assigned by a supervisor.
  3. Willful, deliberate or repeated violation of safety rules.
  4. Willfully falsifying any university records.
  5. Leaving Southern Polytechnic premises during working hours without permission of a supervisor.
  6. Deliberately abusing, destroying, damaging, or defacing university property, tools, equipment or the property of others on Southern Polytechnic premises.
  7. Any violation of civil code on university premises such as gambling, possession or use of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, of the carrying on one's person firearms or other dangerous weapons.
  8. Fighting on Southern Polytechnic premises (any employee directly involved).
  9. Failure to return to work on expiration of vacation or leave of absence or when called back after layoff.
  10. Disclosure of confidential university information to unauthorized persons.
  11. Taking university or other employee’s property for your own use.
  12. Sexual Harassment.
The above list is not intended to be all inclusive.