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General Statement

Sexual harassment is against the law. It is prohibited most clearly by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as amended by the 1991 Civil Rights Act. “Guidelines on Sexual Harassment,” published by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in1980, and case law developing in the courts continues to define and refine what constitutes sexual harassment; what responsibilities attach to perpetrators, employers, and supervisors; and what remedies are available to victims.

The Southern Polytechnic State University’s sexual harassment policy is a strong statement against sexual harassment, which is broadly defined to include behavior that may not be considered overtly sexual. Although not specifically prohibited, consenting sexual relationships between faculty and student or supervisor and employee are strongly discouraged.

Procedures for resolving sexual harassment complaints are discussed in the appropriate sections of this Policy and Procedure. Both formal and informal procedures for resolving sexual harassment complaints are available, and members of the Southern Polytechnic State University community are encouraged to resolve sexual harassment situations by either of these two procedures. The University’s Affirmative Action Officer is the principal resource person for handling most sexual harassment complaints and can assist with both formal and informal complaints.