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If you are a regular employee working one-half time or more, you will earn vacation in accordance with the following schedule:

One and one-fourth (1 1/4) working days per month for each of the first five years of continued employment (fifteen working days per year).
One and one-half (1 1/2) working days per month for each of the second five years of continuous employment (18 working days per year).
One and three-fourths (1 3/4) working days per month after the completion of ten years of continuous service (21 working days per year).
In all cases, a day of vacation will be computed for purposes of pay and time off on the basis of the employee’s regular work day.

Vacation accrual is determined by the time worked and/or paid during the pay period. Accrual for part of a pay period is pro-rated.

Vacation time may be accrued to a maximum of forty-five working days at the end of any calendar year. Any vacation time taken by an employee must be at a time mutually acceptable to the employee and his or her immediate supervisor.

 All accrued vacation will be paid to the employee upon termination for any reason. A terminating employee will not accrue vacation leave after the last working day of his or her employment.