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Sick Leave With Pay

Regular employees working one-half time or more will accumulate sick leave at the rate of one working day for each calendar month of service. There is no maximum to the amount of sick leave an employee may accumulate. Sick leave may be granted at the discretion of the college and upon approval of the employees immediate supervisor for any to the following reasons:

  1. Illness or injury of the employee.
  2. Medical and dental treatment or consultation.
  3. Quarantine due to a contagious illness in the employee’s household.
  4. Illness, injury or death in the employee’s immediate family requiring the employee’s presence.
In all cases, a day of sick leave will be computed for purpose of pay and time off on the basis of the employee’s regular workday. Accrual for part of a pay period is pro-rated.

If sick leave is claimed for a continuous period in excess of one week, a physician’s statement may be required to permit further sick leave with pay.

A terminating employee will not accumulate sick leave or be entitled to receive paid sick leave after the last working day of employment.

For those persons employed prior to October 1, 1970, a sick leave reserve was established by the Human Resources office by computing maximum benefits under the previous college policy and under the policy stated above and crediting the employee with the benefits which work to his or her best advantage.