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Family Leave

Any employee who has been employed on a half-time basis or greater for at least twelve months is eligible for twelve work weeks of family leave during a twelve-month period commencing on the date the family leave begins. Family leave shall be unpaid leave; however, if an employee is eligible to use accumulated sick leave, the employee, after obtaining permission from the employer, may do so exclusive of the twelve weeks of family leave. The employee may also utilize any accrued annual leave with the approval of the employer.

Family leave shall be granted to an eligible employee in the event of:

  1. the birth of the child of the employee;
  2. the placement of a child with the employee for adoption; a serious health condition of the employee’s child, spouse, parent or spouse’s parent necessitating the employee’s presence; or,
  3. a serious health condition of the employee which renders him/her unable to perform the duties of his/her job.
With certain exceptions as indicated in the Family Leave Acts (Public Law 103-3) and Georgia Laws 1992, p. 1885; O.C.G.A. Title 45, Chapter 24) family leave entitles the employee to be restored to the position held prior to going on family leave or to an equivalent position with equivalent benefits and pay. Family leave allows the employee to maintain his/her employee benefits during the period of leave with institutional participation in the payment of premiums.Institutions within the University System must comply with all other provisions of Federal Public Law 103-3 and Code Section 45-24 O.C.G.A.