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Hornet Alert

 Hornet Alert RaveMobile Safety

SPSU implements a proactive notification system.  This system is called Hornet Alert.  Hornet Alert allows members of the campus community to enter their preferred emergency contact information. Hornet Alert sends alerts by phone recording, SMS (Text Message), and email.  Each member of the campus community may submit 3 phone numbers, 1 of those phone numbers being SMS capable, and 2 email addresses.  During an ongoing emergency, efforts will be made when possible to provide subscribers with incident updates.

SPSU Emergency Notification Sign-Up

Are you connected? Southern Polytechnic State University has instituted an emergency communications system using RaveMobile Safety. This system will allow you to receive time sensitive emergency communications in the form of email, phone calls, and text messages.

If you are currently enrolled in classes, your SPSU email address is already registered. You can add one alternate email address of your choosing. We strongly encourage you to provide a phone number for voice alerts and a mobile number for text messages.

To sign-up for RaveMobile Safety, pleaseclick here.