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Textbooks & Lab Kits

It's important to have your books and lab kits before your first class begins. Please click here for information on what textbooks and lab kits ( you will need for your eCore classes. Do not order your books until you are registered for the class.

 You can order your textbooks and lab kits from the eCore online bookstore at MBS Direct Bookstore ( You can order the Chemistry lab kit at

 eCore is offering 'open-text' in an effort to alleviate costs for students (open textbooks are free). For certain courses, there are options to purchase a hard copy of the book for a minimal cost; they are linked to the right on the eCore textbook page (link above). If a hard copy is not offered, you can download the material from your course once classes begin and then get the material printed.

The SPSU Bookstore carries some eCore books, also, and will take Financial Aid vouchers. You can go onto the eCore Facebook site for information on buying and selling used books and lab kits.

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